Инвестамонт девелоперская компания

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About the Company

INVESTAMONT was established in September 2006 by citizens of the Russian Federation for implementation of development projects along the coast of the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.
    Within its activities the Company decided in favor of a particular area – Herceg Novi community on the coast of Boca Kotor Bay. In this regard we proceeded from the assumption that our potential clients are tired of big city fuss, they are irritated by the rush and haste, endless problems when there is no time for just a friendly conversation. And when having a rest they want some peace, comfort, leisurely conversation while having a cup of coffee or a glass of good Montenegrin wine. Lack of industry and traffic jam together with mountain air, bright sun and clear sea make stronger the desire of people to have good living conditions they are accustomed to in their everyday life in this land of paradise.
    Therefore our houses are situated in quiet places, below the Jadranska Highway, from 40 to 200 meters from the sea.
    We strive for amplifying the choice and maximally satisfying the accommodation needs of the widest range of the clients possible. Some of them are interested in cheap, as they put it, “budget”, apartments – and now we are starting the construction of a building in which the price of a square meter will not be more than EUR 2,500, and the price of the majority of apartments won’t be more than EUR 100,000. Others are ready to pay more if they get more comfortable living conditions – and we offer apartments in first order houses in VESTA residential complex that have a more convenient designing, higher ceilings, large verandas, additional water reservoirs and parking places for each apartment, swimming-pool, as well as high quality decoration materials and internal electric and plumbing equipment from European producers.
    And for those who can afford money and don’t like to practise self-denial when having leisure time, we are starting the construction of BOKA LIFE residential complex situated 40 meters from the sea in KUMBOR Settlement. It provides for comfortable apartments with large verandas, high quality materials and equipment, wider range of options with well-equipped territory, parking places, storage rooms, and a swimming pool.
    We believe that Herceg Novi Region has good prospects and in 2-3 years it will catch up with Budva Riviera, which is justly considered to be a leader in terms of price and number of tourists, in respect of infrastructure development level. But we also hope that the comfort and charm of the present Boca Kotor Bay will be preserved. And in future this area will be free of the disadvantages of extensive development typical for Budva and the surrounding settlements.
    Overflow of tourists doesn’t make it possible to fully enjoy leisure time at the Adriatic Sea coast.
    We have contracts of work and labor both with local Montenegrin companies and Serbian companies having experience of working in Russia and being aware of our quality standards.
    The projects are managed by a group of professionals from the Russian Federation, each of them having broad experience in constructing residential and public buildings.
    The company’s office is situated in the suburbs of Herceg Novi –Baosici Settlement, immediately on the Jadranska Highway. Phone: +382 (0) 68756464.
    If you have any questions please contact us, see telephone numbers and addresses at our web-site: www.investamont.ru