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Deal execution order

VESTA Residential Estate Apartment Purchase procedure

1. Obtaining of complete information about the VESTA Estate.

To obtain full data on the VESTA Residential Estate you can:
a) visit the INVESTAMONT website at: www.investamont.ru
The website contains detailed and up-to-date information about the estate, on-line data about the availability of vacant apartments, their features, prices;
b) contact sales managers who will be pleased to answer your questions by phone:
Montenegro, Herceg Novi +382 (0) 68 756464
Russia, Moscow +7 916 522 7784
By e-mail: info@investamont.ru.

2. Trip to Montenegro to inspect estate construction, see the surroundings and become familiar with the country in person.

You can see the location of the VESTA Residential Estate and its surroundings, inspect construction process and quality, consult with experts on legal and financial aspects of the deal and get a translation of the documents, etc.

3. Apartment Purchase Agreement Execution Stages.

а) To recall the apartment you picked you should execute a Reserve Agreement with the developer. The apartment you picked will be recalled and reserved for you for 20 days immediately after you deposit 5,000 euros into the account of INVESTAMONT.
b) Within next 20 days you should execute VESTA Residential Estate Apartment Purchase Agreement. The Agreement will be delivered to you for examination before you execute the Reserve Agreement. The Apartment Purchase Agreement is a detailed document which in compliance with the laws of Montenegro contains all construction terms and conditions, general material specification, payment terms and terms of the unit commission. In compliance with the laws of Montenegro the agreement shall be signed by you in person or your agent and certified in the Main Court in Montenegro.
c) If the Apartment Purchase Agreement is not executed within the mentioned terms and the parties have not agreed on their amendment, the deposit shall be retained by INVESTAMONT and shall not be reimbursed to the purchaser.

4. Purchase Agreement installment payment.

Payment under the Apartment Purchase Agreement shall be made by 4 installments:

1. 50% of the apartment price – within 14 days from the date of execution and attestation of the Apartment Agreement.
2. 30% of the apartment price – within 14 days from the date of notification of the purchaser on completion of the work for laying of tile roof on the building.
3. 10% of the apartment price – within 14 days from the date of notification of the purchaser on completion of the work for installment of outside windows and balcony doors and start of internal finishing of the building.
4. 10% of the apartment price – on the date of transfer of the keys.
This procedure applies when buying apartments under construction.

5. Execution of the title to the real estate.

When construction of the building is completed and new apartments are recorded in the Cadastral Register, the Developer and the Purchaser execute the ANNEX to the Purchase Agreement in the Main Court where they set out all basic characteristics of the purchased apartment and by which the Developer assigns the right to register the property in his/her own name to the Purchaser. To obtain the document confirming the title to the purchased real estate the Purchaser (or his/her agent) shall deliver to the RCG-PJ Herceg Novi Real Estate Department originals of the Purchase Agreement, the ANNEX thereto and the acquaintance of the developer certified by the Main Court confirming that the price of the mentioned real estate was paid in full.

Any additional data on interaction procedure during real estate purchasing may be obtained from our representatives.